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Who else lượt thích smell of tea-tree oil??? I absolutely love it. And I have mentioned so many times how much I love The body toàn thân shop Tea Tree Oil. So today is finally time I’m going to review The body shop Tea Tree Oil & share how I use it and why I love it so much.

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Price, Quantity và Buy Online:

Nethelands: € 10.00 for 10ml và € 14.00 for 20ml. (I always purchase the 20ml bottle). Buy it online at TheBodyShopNL.

India: ₹695.00 for 10ml. (only one kích thước available). Buy online at Nykaa, TheBodyShopIN, Amazon.

About The body toàn thân shop Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree essential oil is famous for its powerful purifying effect.Our Community Trade, organic tea tree leaves are sustainably harvested by hand within 12 hours, so that we can bottle the purest và most powerful oil.Our iconic Tea Tree Oil is a true classic and can be perfectly applied where it is needed.

The purest concentration of our iconic Tea Tree OilWith purifying tea tree oil from the base of Mount KenyaApply specifically where it is neededReduces impurities

My Experience with The body toàn thân shop Tea Tree Oil:

If there is only one hàng hóa I have lớn buy from The body toàn thân shop forever, that would be The body toàn thân shop Tea Tree Oil. Clearly I love it. Let’s dive into details.


The body shop Tea Tree Oil comes in a small dark green transparent glass bottle with plastic drop mechanism and đen nhám push-rotate xuất hiện cap. The packaging is travel friendly.

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Consistency và Smell:

TBS Tea Tree Oil had runny oil consistency và it smells strongly of tea tree. It is pure tea tree oil as per The body toàn thân shop.

How I Use it và Its Effectiveness:

Though TBS says: Apply directly to lớn areas of concern, using fingertips or a cốt tông bud & gently pat into skin. I have super sensitive skin. And I will never suggest applying any kind of essential oil directly on skin as it can burn on sensitive skin or over-dry it. I always suggest diluting it by mixing it in your serum or moisturizer. In the beginning it does give tingling or stinging sensation which goes away in some time and once your skin gets used khổng lồ the product, tingling sensation goes away in future applications.

Here are the ways I use it and how it helps:I normally set 1 drop in my moisturizer in hand (both day & night) everyday just before applying it on face. This helped in clarifying my skin and prevents breakouts in long run.When I have breakouts or I see some pimple coming up, I mix 2-3 drops in my moisturizer & apply it all over my face. This really helps calming down the active breakouts and inflammation as well. When I get dandruff and itchy scalp, I like to mix 7-8 drops of TBS tea tree oil in my hair oil before applying. It gives relief with itchiness và dandruff.Pro-tips:When dealing with active ingredients, always start slow. Try mixing 1 drop in moisturizer & do a patch test. If patch demo is alright then apply it allover the face in same manner.Build tolerance lớn the product. Slowly increase the quantity to lớn 2-3 drops. Never apply it on raw skin & by that I mean vì chưng not apply it on clean face. Even if you have rigid and tolerative skin, bởi vì your skincare including moisturizer and then apply it directly on affected area. For sensitive skin, i do not recommend direct application at all.

Final Verdict: 5/5

For me The toàn thân shop Tea Tree Oil is a multi-purpose product và I love what it does for my skin. This never irritated my sensitive skin và I have finished many bottles of it. This hàng hóa is very effective & more potent than any other tea tree oils I have tried including Nykaa, fabindia & soulflower ones. It helps with active breakouts & also regular application helps in preventing future breakouts. It is a gem và ever since I tried this, this is the only tea tree oil I purchase. This đôi mươi ml bottle lasts me for about 6 months when used regularly. Totally recommended and already repurchased many times. Always keep an eye on sale for this one along with the foaming cleanser from the same range..

Have you used The body shop Tea Tree Oil? nội dung your thoughts about it in bình luận section below. Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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rakhshandarizvi July 24, 2020 at 5:23 pm

It’s a real gem, I have tried it, it works like a magic on pimples. I think this is a must have product. Very nice review.Have a nice day.