"Best for acne "It's so good I saw this youtuber using it first I was so confused that I should invest that much money on this or not but one time investment was ok và now I feel this is going to be a long journey it's so good of you have acne it's calms down your skin and I don't know about the active acne but I have small aches so it worked wonders


"Anti imperfection daily solution"This body shop Tea tree is besically a serum.. On YouTube I saw so many reviews, so want khổng lồ give it a try, though my skin is not so problematic. Let's see how it works.

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"Does all the magic what it claims!"Cleared my dark acne spots just be consistent.quality & quantity both are amazing .

"Best serum ever for acne "Its faded scare nd redness is best for acne....i love dis.....body shop product is best for acne nd blemishes

"SKIN SOOTHING SERUM"Verry soothing và effective on acne prone ski n. My daily skin soothing serum . Almost finished using 3 bottles .

"Elixir!"It’s my third bottle! It really Mattifies and clears your skin with regular use! You guys must try eventhough it’s expensive

"Holy grail product"This is such a good serum for acne prone skin. It started showing effects after one 1 month but this is good for oily and sensitive skin.

"Best best best!!!!!"I saw a clip and come to know abt this product. Probably this is the best thing that have happened to lớn my face. You can see visible difference, but you have khổng lồ wait. I'm writing this đánh giá after seeing the results. This will be on my regime for years to lớn come.

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"Excellent sản phẩm ever...!!!!"Loved thus product.....Afta using of 5 dys , I'm giving this best acne got reducing day by day...I can see the difference after applying for 3 the frst two days...I felt my skin tone is getting dark...but later it came to my nrml skin tone....I think so within 2 weeks we can see best results.....;!!!!!.....Use daily night by using facewash....and apply this serum on your face and leave it.....!!!

"A wonderful product"I am amazed lớn see the results of this wonderful product. It does what it claims.

"2nd purchase"It doesn't work lượt thích magic but in the long-run you can see the wonders it can vị to your skin

"Best serum for blemish acne skin"Just love this serum. 1st time I purchased it và I lượt thích it very much. Best serum for acne skin.

"Excellent for blemished skin"This is a great hàng hóa for blemished skin. I got seasonal acne because of the hot weather và that left a lot of blemishes on my face. This helped to lớn a great extent in reducing the marks.

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"Too pricey"Cannot say much about the acne scars but it does make the skin matte. Therefore I like using it. But the same can be achieved with other brands at a low cost.